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Building 92

A premier NYC construction manager recognizes the use of modular construction as an innovative construction technique.  Capsys is pleased that Plaza Construction has featured the use of modular construction in a presentation of the Building 92 project.

 Building 92 – YouTube Video


Photo Gallery of Bldg 92

Here are some photos of Bldg 92 proudly built by Capsys.

Modular Homes have an Important Role to play in helping the Environment

So says the National Recourses Defense Council in a recent article posted by our friends at “Living Green Magazine”.  We’d like to share the article with you.  We agree that Modular Construction is at the forefront and leading the Green Revolution in construction. 

Within the past year, Capsys has achieved a LEED Gold certification for our Park Terrace apartment building project in Yonkers, NY and achieved LEED Platinum for our Building 92 project in Brooklyn, NY. Our steel frame, midrise modular construction system, while aimed at a different market segment of construction than the corporate examples named in the article, will continue to contribute Sustainable Construction solutions to our clients.


Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 92, a Capsys project has attained LEED Platinum recognition.

As earlier blog entries have informed you, in 2010 Capsys was contracted to supply 24 modular sections to be used as an exhibit space and administrative office complex for the official museum of the Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92.  The Navy Yard is where our manufacturing complex is located, so we leap at the chance to be involved! 

Building 92 has recently been recognized by the US Green Building Congress with certification as a LEED Platinum project.  We are very proud to have played a part in the project and thought you might enjoy seeing some additional images of the Building 92 museum.  The following web-link is to an article in “Inhabitat New York City”   a website devoted to green design, architecture and innovation in New York City.   The web link contains a 14 image slide show of image of building 92.  Enjoy!


Bldg 92

One of Capsys Corp. projects, Bldg. 92, which is an extension to the renovated Marine Commandant’s residence, will soon be open to the public.  The Grand Opening of this building will take place on November 10, 2011.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at Bldg 92 has a permanent exhibit about the history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard called ‘The Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present and Future’.

You can find more information about the BNY Center at Bldg 92 at http://www.bldg92.com/index.html

Two of our workers were lucky enough to be a part of the exhibit

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Building 92 Setting

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92 Update

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92

Building 92 – 4 days for a 16,500 SF building

Another shining example of modular construction making a project move quickly with great efficiency!  The Owner and Plaza Construction are pleased to have the steel frame, concrete structural floors and exterior light gauge in place in four days!  Monday morning they will start work on a building that wasn’t even there last monday!

Building 92 Setting

We are excited to be erecting Building 92 right here in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Very exciting as this is a unique project and hopefully we will be doing many more like it!

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92 Update

Looks like the foundation will be completed and ready for us to set modules on October 26th!

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92

Capsys is finishing up modules for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 92 project, the building consists of 20 modules totally 16,000 SF.  The interiors will be completed as offices and leasable space by Plaza Construction adjacent to the renovated historic building 92.