Announcement: Whitley Manufacturing Acquires Capsys

delivering the highest quality modular units

Greenflex Systems

Capsys is a premier modular manufacturer specializing in non-combustible buildings. Capsys modular units are an efficient and cost effective way to construct almost any kind of residence including student housing, hotels, townhouses, apartment buildings, affordable housing, supportive housing, and assisted living facilities.

Photos and other information about a variety of our projects can be viewed under the Portfolio tab, for example our beautiful Harborfront Inn project. To learn more about Capsys' capabilities, click here.

The Capsys process for translating your building project into a modular construction offers advantages over conventional construction methods.Energy Star By fully adapting our overall process to the inherent requirements of the assembly-line production method, we are able to employ an order and rigor with all our projects that would be difficult to achieve using traditional construction methods.

Please visit the Capsys Process page to learn more. We are also proficient partners in green projects.