For Immediate Release

Feb 8, 2016

Whitley Manufacturing, one of America’s leading designers and builders of specialized modular buildings, has acquired Capsys Corporation of Brooklyn, New York, a leading manufacturer of residential buildings for the greater New York City market.

The South Whitley based company now has manufacturing facilities in Marysville, Washington; Rochester, Indiana; Leola, Pennsylvania, and the flagship factory in South Whitley.

“Capsys has an excellent reputation in the New York City region for innovative, quality construction, and that will help our company to become a strong force in the biggest construction market in America,” according to Whitley owner, Simon Dragan.

“The combination of our portfolios will allow us to satisfy the fullest range of commercial and residential construction needs not only in New York City, but along the eastern seaboard, as well.”

Capsys specializes in multi-story apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, townhouses, hotels and dormitories, as well multi-family facilities. Capsys was founded in New York in 1996 and has been honored with both local and federal construction awards. More information about the company can be found at

Whitley is known for office construction, MRI facilities, dialysis clinics, schools, and a range of specialty buildings for leading American firms, including FedEx, the University of Michigan, Rolls-Royce, Davita Dialysis, the U.S. Government and numerous buildings in the Fort Wayne area.

Since purchase of Whitley by Mr. Dragan in 1993 the company has consistently won top awards for construction excellence and innovation from industry associations. Whitley’s award winning website is found at

The purchase was concluded earlier in January 2016, and took force immediately.