Supportive Housing

Tilden Gardens 2513 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Capsys is proud to have teamed with The Bridge, a national respected provider of Housing Solutions for those with Mental Health challenges, and with Brooklyn based architect, DeLaCour & Ferrara on this 60-unit supportive housing project. The project consisted of a site-built cellar and first floor with two modular towers of units. The North tower holds 15 living units plus public lounge space on 3 floors while the South tower holds 45 Apartments plus public lounge space on 5 floors. The combined 7-story complex is a beautiful example of creating new urban density while maintaining the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. The project qualifies under the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program and incorporates many of the latest energy conservation techniques such as closed cell spray foam insulation to add both thermal efficiency, a secondary moisture barrier plus adding to the rigidity of the exterior walls.

Number of Modules: 84

Number of Units: 60

Square Footage: 29,588

Modular Completion: July 2013