Capsys – Greenflex variations are limitless

Capsys has now done wide variations to the Greenflex residence hall system.  Our flexible and sustainable pre-designed system can easily be tailored to your specific needs.  Let Capsys produce a residence hall for your long-term needs in the shortest timespan imaginable!


Building 92 – 4 days for a 16,500 SF building

Another shining example of modular construction making a project move quickly with great efficiency!  The Owner and Plaza Construction are pleased to have the steel frame, concrete structural floors and exterior light gauge in place in four days!  Monday morning they will start work on a building that wasn’t even there last monday!

Building 92 Setting

We are excited to be erecting Building 92 right here in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Very exciting as this is a unique project and hopefully we will be doing many more like it!

Capsys – The Greenflex Residence Hall

Capsys has announced the new and exciting Green-flex residence hall program.  With our pre-designed modular units we can transform your residence hall needs into a completed building in as little as 11 months from concept to completion.  Visit our website for upcoming information on this program!

Of course if you have an immediate need please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92 Update

Looks like the foundation will be completed and ready for us to set modules on October 26th!

Speed and Efficiency

With Capsys’ modular system of construction the time of construction can be drastically reduced, a building that typically would take up to 18 months of construction can be completed in 6-8 months instead!  Saving money on construction costs, interest and ultimately producing revenue much faster!

Brooklyn Navy Yard – Building 92

Capsys is finishing up modules for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 92 project, the building consists of 20 modules totally 16,000 SF.  The interiors will be completed as offices and leasable space by Plaza Construction adjacent to the renovated historic building 92.

Capsys – BIM Modeling

Capsys is embracing the use of REVIT and other building information modeling technology.  Capsys engineering staff have completed extensive training and education about building modeling, simulation techniques and interactive collaboration.  These methods and tools will become the standard for design of all projects going forward and we are very excited about this new paradigm in design.

Recycled content becomes the norm

It has become just commonplace for materials to have their recycled content published.  Capsys has regularly used high recycled content materials and here are is a short list of the most commonly used:

Structural Steel – up to 90%, Light Gauge Steel – up to 80%, Reinforcing Steel – up to 100%, Gypsum Wallboard – up to 100%!

6 story building = 2 weeks

Capsys just completed setting a 6-story, 65 unit supportive housing building in Brooklyn.  The project is a supportive housing building located the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.  The 30,000 SF modular portion of the building was erected in 2 weeks, now the general contractor will be able to complete the building in record time.