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Capsys on Target for LEED Gold


The Park Terrace project is set for LEED Gold in the Mid-rise LEED for homes program!  Capsys incorporated many innovative and energy saving features to the project such as Energy Star Lighting, water use reduction, framing efficiency, waste management.  In addition to these and many others the use of modular construction is recognized as an exceptional method of building in an environmentally conscious way!  We are thankful to all the project team members for contributing to the overall goal; the building is coming together very well.


Ashburton LEED Checklist



Capsys embraces DOW Insulation

Capsys is embracing the closed-cell Styrofoam Spray foam system by DOW.  Used in conjunction with Thermax sheathing as a an overall system this allows for R-values unprecedented in the industry.  This system allows for greater air-tightness, reduced energy consumption and overall savings to the environment.

Capsys – Greenflex variations are limitless

Capsys has now done wide variations to the Greenflex residence hall system.  Our flexible and sustainable pre-designed system can easily be tailored to your specific needs.  Let Capsys produce a residence hall for your long-term needs in the shortest timespan imaginable!


Recycled content becomes the norm

It has become just commonplace for materials to have their recycled content published.  Capsys has regularly used high recycled content materials and here are is a short list of the most commonly used:

Structural Steel – up to 90%, Light Gauge Steel – up to 80%, Reinforcing Steel – up to 100%, Gypsum Wallboard – up to 100%!